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ZOO Děčín

ZOO Děčín

Žižkova 15
405 02 Děčín IV

Phone: +420 412 531 164

The zoological garden concentrates on breeding less known and highly endangered species of animals that appear very rarely in the other Czech Zoo's – e.g. Mountain Yesa, the smallest wild buffalos in the world, or rare Japanese chamois little serau that the ZOO Děčín keeps only as the fourth garden in Europe and the very first one at home. Popular are also grizzly bears, cockatoo parrots, the fauna of the Českosaské Švýcarsko, feline beasts of prey, mountain ungulate, apes and many others.
ZOO Děčín

GPS: 50°46'46.54"N; 14°11'49.95"E


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