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Castle Loket

Castle Loket

Zámecká 67
357 33 Loket

Phone: +420 352 684 648

The castle at the high headlands in the meander of the river Ohře protected from the end of the 12th century the trade path from Prague to Germany. The expositions are devoted to the history of Loket and the town of the same name, to the capital law and right of torture and local glass and porcelain, the sightseeing round includes also historic interiors, the former arrest cells and the observation tower.

Opening hours:

All the year round daily, XI.-III. 9:00 – 15:30, IV.-X. 9:00 -16:30

Castle Loket

GPS: 50°11'13.23"N; 12°45'13.51"E


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