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Caves of Moravský kras (Moravian Karst)

Caves of Moravský kras (Moravian Karst)

678 25 Blansko

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The protected landscape area with more than a thousand of caves is one of the most significant karst areas in central Europe. Open for the public are the Punkevní caves with the abyss Macocha and attractive voyage on the submersive river Punkva, the caves Balcarka, Kateřinská and Sloupsko-šošůvské caves. The starting point to the central area of the karst is the Skalní mlýn, to the Punkevní caves an electric train goes, leading from the caves to the upper edge of Macocha is a cable way.
Caves of Moravský kras (Moravian Karst)

GPS: 49°19'43.22"N; 16°43'23.52"E


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