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Castle Špilberk, Brno

Castle Špilberk, Brno

Špilberk 1
662 24 Brno

Phone: +420 542 123 611

The former mediaeval royal castle, re-built during the 17th and 18th centuries into a Baroque fortress, served for a certain time as the most renowned arrest in the whole Habsburg monarchy. Since 1960 it is the seat of the Museum of the Town Brno, permanent expositions devote to the history of the castle and the town. Located in the casemates is an exposition of the Baroque fortification architecture and arrest-building of the Josephine period, the offer is completed by the gallery, observation tower and restaurant.
Castle Špilberk, Brno

GPS: 49°11'41.45"N; 16°35'57.63"E


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